Portable Planetarium


The Journey Museum offers interactive explorations of space with a travelling inflatable planetarium, the GeoDome, with the accompanying planetarium software, Uniview.

Rates to rent the GeoDome are as follows:


In Rapid City, SD

Rate: $350.00

Outside Rapid City, SD

Rate: $450.00/day of presentation
Gas/Mileage: $0.25/mi
not to exceed $130.00/night
Food: $20.00/day per instructor
Additional Costs as per agreement. Call for details.

For all GeoDome reservations, your organization must meet ALL the following criteria:

1) be able to provide 2-3 adults on the day of to assist in set-up and breakdown of the dome
2) have NO STAIRS in the way of the drop-off site and dome set-up site
3) have access to at least 1 power outlet, preferably 2
4) have sufficient room for dome set-up (Height: 13.5' // Diameter: 25' // Capacity: 25 children, or 10-15 adults)

To reserve the GeoDome for your school or organization, please fill out an ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

If you are having trouble viewing or using this application, please send inquiries to our education team at education@journeymuseum.org. Reservations should be made 2 weeks prior to the date requested, otherwise a timely response is not guaranteed. Please note that if you do not receive explicit confirmation from one of our staff that your reservation is on our calendar, your application may not have been received.

This page last updated/reviewed: 7/19/16

The GeoDome in action:




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