2019 Exhibits

The Journey Museum and Learning Center regularly houses exhibits to teach visitors about our region's history and to showcase unique artists. 


The newest exhibit at The Journey Museum and Learning Center is “Gold!”

The grand opening was May 17, but you can view it through mid-August.

The exhibit is the story of discovery and its consequences for the Black Hills and those who call them home.

The history of the Black Hills is deeply rooted in the lives of two groups: Lakotas and pioneers. The Custer Expedition of 1874 changed the lives of both when gold was discovered, with very different outcomes for the two groups.

Following the discovery of gold by the Custer Expedition, the U.S. government seized the Black Hills under The Agreement of 1877. This act was a clear violation of the 1868 Treaty of Ft. Laramie, which guaranteed the Great Sioux Nation all land in South Dakota west of the Missouri River in perpetuity.

With the opening of the Black Hills to settlement, the population boomed and led to the establishment of many of the region's best-known communities. Gold brought prosperity and western civilization to the region but resulted in the destruction of traditional Lakota culture and ultimately the Great Sioux War of 1876. 

We at The Journey Museum and Learning Center strive to tell the story of the Black Hills gold rush in a balanced, unbiased way. With the cooperation of multiple community groups and members, we are telling the story of discovery and change.

We hope you enjoy “Gold!”

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COMING AUG. 16 - OCT. 14

Coming to The Journey Museum and Learning Center is “BISON,” a traveling exhibit exploring the past, present and future of bison. The grand opening is Aug. 16 at 5 p.m. to include speeches and appetizers - free to the public. You can view the exhibit through Oct. 14.

BISON creates an interactive environment that combines history, artifacts and hands-on activities to bring to life the story of this great North American mammal. The exhibit tells of the animal’s tragic history, its rescue from near extinction, and the story of people across North America working to preserve the bison as a vibrant part of our future.

The exhibit tells the story of the bison from the beginning, connecting cultures along the way, says Corey Christianson, the administration, exhibits and curation coordinator at The Journey Museum and Learning Center.

“We’re talking about an animal that greatly influenced history and culture, both Native American and pioneer.”

The need for sustainability is also apparent in the exhibit, with the bison placed in the larger narrative of human interactions with natural resources.

This is The Journey Museum and Learning Center’s first traveling exhibit, and this is the first time the exhibit will be in South Dakota.

“It’s great having the exhibit here because not only does it connect with our taxidermy section of the museum, but it’s also going to be up during the Buffalo Roundup held in Custer State Park in September,” Christianson says.

You can view BISON with admission to The Journey Museum and Learning Center - $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and FREE for members. This exhibit is toured by the National Buffalo Foundation in collaboration with Kauffman Museum, BisonExhibit.org.

Included with admission
FREE for members

"From Field to Field"

This exhibit, featuring artists James Pollock and Steven Randall, will be exemplifying "Plein Air" artwork. Done outside, this artwork takes in the beauty surrounding the painter. Pollock and Randall were both part of the U.S. Army Combat Art Program as soldier artists during the Vietnam War, and their love of art never waived.

January - April 2019

“The Business of Business” exhibit, featuring 10 local businesses that have been operating for 50 years or more. Opening night is Friday, Jan. 11 at 5 p.m., and the exhibit runs through April.

Every business starts out as a small business, but only 50 percent survive past the first five years. So you can imagine the strength and persistence it takes for a business to thrive after the better part of a century.

Some of these businesses were affected by the Great Depression, WWII and Rapid City’s 1972 Flood.

But despite it all, they flourished and grew with the community, helping make Rapid City what it is today.

Featured Businesses: Black Hills Energy, Brass Rail, Grimm’s Pump and Industrial Supply, Haggerty’s Musicworks, Montana-Dakota Utilities, Reptile Gardens, Royal Wheel Alignment, Servall Uniform and Linen Supply, Simpsons Printing, Whisler Bearing Co.

Troy Kilpatrick, executive director of The Journey Museum and Learning Center, says it’s important to recognize that these businesses are economic drivers for the community. “Jobs create opportunities for communities to grow.”

Business leaders will meet with the public Jan. 11 – the exhibit’s opening night. Come enjoy photos and artifacts that illustrate their stories. Opening night is also a great chance to get one-on-one time with curators who made the exhibit possible.

Curators solicited over 100 local businesses that have remained active in Rapid City for more than 50 years with the same name or in the same family - excluding nonprofits and outside corporate entities with offices in Rapid City.

“The Business of Business” runs through April and is a collaboration between The Journey Museum and Learning Center and the Minnilusa Historical Association (MHA).

The MHA’s mission is to preserve the pioneer history of the Black Hills region. As one of the museum’s collection partners, they have continued to collaborate in temporary exhibits at The Journey and are excited to celebrate the histories of local businesses.

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The Journey Museum & Learning Center regularly adds new events, exhibits, and features to the expansive museum, covering American history, Black Hills history, and Native American culture.

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