August 4 - September 30, 2021
"The Steinway Piano"


The Journey Museum and Learning Center has been chosen by Historic Rapid City to display a piano originally owned by the Halley family. The piano will be on display at the museum during the months of August and September 2021.

The following statements come from Terry Tullis, whose family purchased the piano.

This upright Steinway piano was manufactured in 1885 and came to Rapid City by oxcart soon thereafter, about a year before the railroad. It was owned by the Halley family.

Edward L. Tullis and his wife Lucy Meryl Fogle Tullis purchased it from the Halleys sometime after Ed and Meryl came to Rapid City in 1934. Ed was chairman of the Geology and Geological Engineering department at the SD School of Mines, and Meryl was a psychologist who taught some courses at the School of Mines and also did private counseling.

The piano is being donated in August 2021 by the two sons of Ed and Meryl, Terry E. Tullis and Alan L. Tullis, and Terry’s former wife Jan Tullis. Ed played the piano occasionally and Terry and Alan used it for their piano lessons as children in the 1950’s. They remember it being tuned by Mr. William E. Snyder who was blind. There is a sticker inside the piano saying that one of the times he worked on it was September 8, 1933, namely while it was still owned by the Halleys. Alan now lives in Aurora, CO, and Terry and Jan each live in Providence, RI. In 1970 Terry and Jan moved the piano by rental truck from Rapid City to Providence, adding it to a load of furniture they were moving from Los Angeles to Providence. After 50 years in Providence, the piano has once again come to the Black Hills, this time by commercial movers.

In July 2021 the piano was appraised by the Avery Piano Company of Providence, RI. The appraiser was surprised at what good condition the piano was in, 136 years after its manufacture. Among other observations was the fact that there is no rust on the strings or tuning pegs and the soundboard has no cracks.

The Tullis and Halley families are so pleased with this outcome and are most grateful to Historic Rapid City and the Journey Museum for receiving it.

The Journey Museum and Learning Center regularly adds new events, exhibits, and features to the expansive museum, covering American history, Black Hills history, and Native American culture.

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