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May 5, 2020

We're joining the #GivingTuesdayNow movement - a new global day of giving and unity as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

We encourage you to give what you can to support The Journey and other local businesses.

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A letter from Exeuctive Director Troy Kilpatrick

Hello Friends, 

I appreciate your reading my words and the support you have for our Mission and Vision in advance.

The cloud of COVID-19 continues to cause all of our lives to pause in ways we had never previously considered. Both nonprofits and for-profit operations alike are wondering "how will we look?” when “normal” is restored?

Let me share with you some of my visions of the Journey’s future. In this immediate future, we might not remind you of what we were as recently as mid-March. We will closely resemble what we were, but it all starts with us continuing to serve you with great, interactive programming.

It is my Vision that every day our museum will be filled with opportunities for you to engage and experience thought-provoking educational formats for all ages. While I foresee rich and full days in our museum, I also see less of them in a 7-day week.

What does this mean?
 It means we will embrace a reduced open schedule to ensure that the days we are open are full of rich experiences. As I write this, I cannot tell you exactly what our schedule will look like, but I can be sure of those basics.

We have learned and will continue to learn how to bring you education  online. The data we can gather from these past few weeks show that you are following us. Thank You!

When we re-open, we will continue offering great content online for all ages. Of course, we look forward to you actually visiting but want to be sure that you have options.

I see familiar programs changing out of a need for a more careful future. What does this mean?

Prior to our closure, it was not unusual for us to host over 30 attendees at a Toddler Tuesday or over 65 people for a Turtle Soup or Learning Forum. Gone for now is the day of us gathering audiences in small spaces.

While it was always thrilling to see such an outpouring of people, in tomorrow’s more careful day, this is not how we are going to look as your host.

Expect “Turtle Soup” to stay “Turtle Stories.” We are not a full-scale restaurant and are not staffed accordingly to follow the guidelines needed for a safe environment.

Expect audience capping to reflect the appropriate guidance for the time. Today we are exploring, and we will master online ticketing to assist us in a safe audience cap.

I pledge to you that we will do our best to communicate changes in advance. Please remember that it is for the health and safety of all of us.

We will manage the challenges through more offerings and more availability, both at the museum and online at home. All of our digital programs have reached hundreds of audience members.

As a simple thought every, Turtle Story has had more people view it than the largest in-person audience that we ever hosted. Even today, if we could open our doors, this means we could not even seat you all! Thank you!

Our Journey together will continue. It is just taking another turn in the story of our lives. As your leader, I can assure you of this - we will continue to work our way toward the light. This is going to take time.

We need you in our audiences (in-person and online), your contributions, if possible, and most importantly, your public support of our efforts.

Our campaign theme of “Journey to 2022” is even more significant than ever as we target that year to turn 25. If it’s possible this year, consider at a minimum a $23 contribution in celebration of our 23rd birthday this year. You can give online, mail a check, or call us.

Some how, Some way, the Journey will Continue.


The Journey to 2022 is a fundraising goal to improve accessibility and the visitor experience at The Journey Museum and Learning Center. Our goal is to raise $150,000 by Dec. 21, 2021 to be applied to 2022 educational efforts. 

Why the year 2022? This is a significant year for a few reasons. In 2022, The Journey Museum and Learning Center will be 25 years old. Adding to that, it will be 50 years since the Rapid City Flood of 1972.

This campaign serves to not only remember an important period in local history but to improve how we can share that history for generations to come.

You can help by donating to The Journey Museum and Learning Center. Call 605-394-6923 to learn more. 

Below are some of the improvements we're working toward.


Closed-captioned movies and enhanced audio for the hearing-impaired

Update of "The Journey" film, which introduces visitors to the Black Hills and to our collections

Upgrade to theater control center

Ramps that allow access for guests using walkers, wheelchairs and other assisted movement devices

Handrails to allow for more safety on theater stairs 


Updated projector and screen in an area where many events are held

Enhanced audio for the hearing-impaired

Digital cameras to archive and share full presentations


Smartphone app with audio library, including text for those with hearing limitations. This app will be used all around the museum for a more engaging visitor experience.

Upgraded monitors that currently feature video vignettes, complete with closed-captioning

Enhanced section on Deadwood history

Bathroom doors that open with the push of a button to assist people with mobility issues

Changing tables in all men's bathrooms

The Journey Museum and Learning Center regularly adds new events, exhibits, and features to the expansive museum, covering American history, Black Hills history, and Native American culture.

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The Journey Museum and Learning Center is one of the more unique museums to experience not only the history of the Black Hills but Native American culture.



The Journey Museum and Learning Center functions as a nonprofit thanks to the generous donations of our supporters and sponsors.

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All individual admissions are good for two days with receipt.

Museum General Admission:

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$7 per person

Tour guides available. Please call (605) 394-6923 one week prior to visit to schedule.

Education Groups (12+ students):

$3 per student (all students 18 and under)
$5 College Students

Chaperones are requested. Special pricing will be extended to adult chaperones.

Tour guides available. Please call (605) 394-6923 one week prior to visit to schedule.